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March 26–27 | Houston Symphony at Jones Hall, TX

A Special Broughton Concerto Premiere in Houston, TX

"Concerto for Horn and Orchestra" to be Performed at "Andrés Fest: A Symphonic Celebration”

On March 26th and 27th, 2022, Bruce Broughton's Concerto for Horn and Orchestra will be performed as a concert highlight for the ...

Select Broughton Concert Performances Released to Digital

"A Charged Embrace" Comes to CD with Streaming Venues Coming Soon

In this premier release by Jacaranda Live Recordings, A Charged Embrace includes six live concert performances of Broughton pieces, most notably, Concerto for Violoncello and 10 Instruments and Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, both featuring acclaimed cellist Andrew Shulman. ...

Broughton-Arranged Seth MacFarlane Album Released to Digital

Stylistic Vocals and Rich Orchestrations Highlight This Compilation of Stage and Screen Favorites

Tender ballads and uptempo tunes comprise acclaimed vocalist Seth MacFarlane's new release, Great Songs From Stage & Screen, features memorable songs from film and theatre. ...

The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Selects Broughton Piece for Finals

New Brass Band Work, "Heroes," Selected for Championship Section Test Piece

If brass bands had their own Olympics, The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain would be it! The pieces selected for competitive play are specifically chosen for their demanding dexterity, accuracy and coordination throughout the entire work, each designed to highlight a band's proficiency and excellence. ...