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Broughton Scores Oscar Nom in Original Song Category

A surprising pick, given the obscurity of this little-known, Christian Indie film, Alone Yet Not Alone, the song of the same title is an authentic hymn in every sense, deftly composed by Broughton for Joni Eareckson Tada’s raw and unapologetic vocals and Dennis Spiegel’s lyrics that speak directly to the heart of the story. Seemingly simple, as hymns are so characterized, the music carries the humble weight on its shoulders of doing exactly what it’s supposed to do: stir the spirit and calm the soul.

In this real-life ordeal that takes place in 1755 amidst the struggle of the colonies to survive the opposing European power and hostile native tribes, two sisters are captured and then separated, testing their faith to its farthest reaches. “Alone Yet Not Alone” is the hymn that holds their resolve and family strong, helping to guide their life-defining decisions and actions through their most perilous times.

While Bruce Broughton is most known for his robust film scores (Silverado, Lost in Space, Tombstone), he reminds us ever so gently that less isn’t just more, it’s all there need be.

Alone Yet Not Alone, which has been screened in limited release in 2013, is scheduled for general theatrical release in March, 2014.