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Composer Bruce Broughton Wins Eighth Emmy Award

Los Angeles – September 13, 2003 – Bruce Broughton won an Emmy Award for “Eloise at the Plaza” in the category of Outstanding Composition for a Miniseries, Movie or Special. Mr. Broughton has been nominated 20 times and this is his eighth Emmy.

Jon Burlingame, in an article for the Film Music Society, writes about the Emmy history made on the night of September 13: “Bruce Broughton became the most-honored composer of original music in Emmy history” as this is the first time for a film composer to win eight Emmys.

Bruce Broughton’s score to Eloise at the Plaza is a charming and delightful musical sensation, which artfully compliments this lovely children’s story by Kay Thompson.

The composer recently finished scoring Eloise at Christmastime to air during the upcoming holiday season.