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“Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco” Remastered and Expanded

An Intrada Special Collection Release

When first released by the Walt Disney label in 1996, “Homeward Bound II,” with only 35 minutes of the film’s actual music, represented only half of Bruce Broughton’s original score. Broughton recalled: “I had themes set up from the first picture, but they didn’t always fit so snugly for the second. Primarily it was the scope of the film that influenced the way the music went. The first film took place mostly outdoors and the music, like the scenery, was bigger in scope, and more dramatic. It also had at times a bit of a country feeling. For the sequel, the locations were more congested with urban neighborhoods, streets, alleys, cars, vans and people everywhere. There was also a romance, so the music had a slightly different feeling, even when the original themes were used. The original film focused more on the personalities of the three animals, whereas the sequel focused a lot on the situations they found themselves in.”

In this latest release by Intrada, all the original cues have been restored from the original 2″ 24-track recording session masters made by Armin Steiner at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M in February 1996 and made available by the Walt Disney Company.

For a complete track list, samples, artwork, and to purchase, please visit the Intrada website. This limited-edition Special Collection release will be available only while supply lasts.