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“Modular Music II” To Be Performed In Children’s Benefit By Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Los Angeles – October 1, 2004 – Bruce Broughton’s “Modular Music II” will be performed at the “Children’s Musical Masquerade,” a benefit event for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s education program.

“Modular Music II” is an entertaining and creatively interactive piece composed especially for LACO and intended to be performed for schoolchildren. After hearing a melody played on the piano, one of the kids from the audience chooses which orchestral instrument will perform it. There are four melodies to choose from, and all can be played simultaneously, one after the other, by any instrument chosen. When the choices have been made, the four melodies are performed along with an orchestral accompaniment. The kids get to hear their “musical creation” when the themes and instruments are joined together and played with the orchestra, giving the audience a greater awareness of the role instrumental sound – or color – plays in a musical composition.

This special benefit concert will take place on November 14, at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles. Visit for more information.